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Blood Donation Camps, Nigeria Encouraging blood donations from corporates.

Blood Donation Camps, Nigeria

In association with Rotary Club, Lagos; Kewalram Chanrai Group was the first to start the blood donation camps. Rotary clubs has taken this to many other corporates in Nigeria making it a big mission.

The importance of blood donations in the community is not well understood in most emerging markets. This often leads to acute shortages of blood supplies for hospitals, particularly in situations where there is a medical emergency and timing is critical.

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To help resolve shortages and in association with Nigerian Red Cross, Kewalram Chanrai Foundation conducts ‘blood donation camps’ at its premises in Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria. The camps were first of its kind at corporate level in Nigeria. The success of this has inspired many corporates to follow the same. Rotary Club is currently planning to conduct similar camps across all corporates in Nigeria.

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