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G D Chanrai Memorial Hospital, Yola Providing primary healthcare and aiming to reduce 'still births' through pre-natal care.

G D Chanrai Memorial Hospital, Yola

In many parts of Africa, the high level of infant mortality is still a major concern. Through our work at Yola we have given hope and reassurance to thousands of mothers to enable them to give birth in a secure and safe environment.

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Since our early work with Jaslok Hospital in India, Kewalram Chanrai Group has had a deep involvement in the provision of healthcare in the counties where we operate. Located in Adamawa state in the North Eastern Nigeria, the G D Chanrai Memorial Hospital was established on 7 Dec 2009. Our objective is to offer primary health care facilities free of cost to Ngurore and surrounding villages where these were not available before.

The hospital is fully staffed with medical professionals and focuses on ‘Women and Child Care’. The hospital also runs 18 medical posts with trained nursing staff. The mission is to reduce ‘still births’ through pre-natal care.

Staff from the health posts visit pregnant women in their homes and offer them the required care and support. They also provide medicines or vitamin supplements. The hospital also has an ambulance, which helps in transporting the women from their homes in remote locations to the hospital for safe delivery and other medical care.

On an average about 1,000 healthy children are born in this hospital each year.

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