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G K Chanrai Memorial Hospital, Zaria Offering pre-natal and post-natal care, and aiming to combat Malaria.

G K Chanrai Memorial Hospital, Zaria

Malarial infection is the greatest threat to pregnant women and children, who are the most vulnerable in many African communities. Lack of knowledge and access to the right procedures or protection may often be fatal.

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Pre and post-natal care is often the most neglected aspect of healthcare in remote locations where in most villages it is non-existent. Located in Zaria, Kaduna State, in the North Western part of Nigeria, the G K Chanrai Memorial Hospital was established in 2014. The objective is to offer similar facilities to the G D Chanrai Memorial Hospital, in Dakace and surrounding villages.

The hospital is equipped with 15 in-patient beds, surgery and consultation rooms and other facilities for pre-natal and post-natal care. As pregnant women and children are easily affected by Malaria, these hospitals offer treated mosquito nets to prevent Malaria.

Both these hospitals and facilities are used from time to time to conduct medical camps specially for offering cataract surgeries and similar treatments.

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